The Team

How I run this show you ask?I couldn't do any of this without the amazing group of women I have around meand I’m so grateful for my team.I moved to Indonesia for three years where I met and trained some amazing women to make jewellery alongside me. Uwi, Nancy and Denny hand make the silver pieces on the website, using only 100% recycled silver as part of our commitment to sustainability. These girls shaped my experience in Indonesia and helped me expand my business to where we are now! They create jewellery in my style in the Bali studio from 100% my training and they are truly amazing. Dyna and Vyla help run communications, shipping and logistics - I can't believe I used to do this by myselfand I am so blessed to have them help me.Back in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia we have Lia who is the manager of production, and is an absolute angel. I trained her how to make jewellery in Indonesia and when I moved back to Aus she decided to come with me. She knows the ins and outs of the business. Anna is my new apprentice, we've been mates for ages and she's got attention to detail like no other. Amie is a soldering and polishing maniac. And last but not least Kepsibel helps me run day to day operations and is my best friend.Being able to work with such a wide variety of talented women, in an environment where we can lift one another up is super inspiring. I’m eternally grateful for my beautiful team and my business ❤️