FAQ - General

Where are you based?

608 Sydney Rd. Brunswick, 3056, Victoria, Australia.

What is gold plating?

Gold plate means the jewellery will be silver but coated in gold. This looks great but it doesn’t last forever, the plating will eventually wear off and the piece will become silver (when it wears off it still looks great, just no longer gold). Plating can last a month or a year. It depends on how much you wear the jewellery and the oils in your skin, it’s different for everyone. I recommend gold plating for necklaces, bracelets and earrings if you can’t afford solid gold but I don’t recommend it for rings as it wears off too quickly.


Can I wear my jewellery in water?

All jewellery can be worn all the time and Aussie opals are colorfast, but I suggest taking them off when gardening, rock climbing or having an episode and punching a wall.

Can you recycle gold/gems from an old ring?

Yes, I do this all the time with stones. It’s harder with metal as it sometimes has solder in it and needs to be refined, but if you want to remodel a wedding ring or use some gems from some old pieces hit me up.


Can you do engraving?

Yes! We do engraving on custom pieces only. It is an additional $100 and there is a variety of fonts you can choose from. Perfect for a sentimental gift.

Please allow a few extra days for this process.

What’s the difference between lab grown and natural stones?

Lab stones are amazing! They have a lighter carbon footprint, are more ethical, no mining is involved, they are flawless and cost less. It’s a great choice for a lot of reasons. I do personally love an inclusion in a natural stone which you don’t get in labs – it gives the stone character and personality.


Where do you source all your jewels?

I’ve spent 7 years finding amazing suppliers. All my opals come directly from the miners Tayo and Max in Mintabie, South Australia. Most of my diamonds come from Vital Diamonds in Melbourne and my coloured stones come from suppliers I’ve met overseas. I went to the Bangkok Gem Tradeshow a few years ago and have ethical, reliable contacts from there still.


Do you make men’s line?

I feel all jewellery can be worn by anyone so I don’t have a specific men’s or woman’s line. I do make/have lots of more masculine pieces which can be ordered as custom or in the ring section of the website.